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History of Rookhurst

Rookhurst originated in the eleventh century, shortly after the Battle of Hastings, when William, son of Robert "The Rook", moved from the Annandale region on the England/Scotland border to Kent. He built a manor on Winchett Hill which he called Rookhurst. His son began using the surname Roberts.

About 250 years later, in the thirteenth century, Stephen Roberts married Joan Tyllye, the heiress of Glassenbury, which was a short distance from Rookhurst. They built a new moated manor which they also called Glassenbury just down the valley from her childhood home.

Glassenbury as it appears today. The portion farthest to the right was built by Stephen in the thirteenth century. The rest of the manor was completed by the sixteenth century.

My ancestors remained at Glassenbury for another 250 years. In 1623, Thomas Roberts arrived in America with William Hilton. He settled in what is now the Dover area of New Hampshire.

My family remained within 50 miles of this area for another 250 years, until my great-grandfather went first to Iowa, then his son to Oklahoma.

When we retired to Arkansas, we decided to call our farm Rookhurst.

Music "Royal Oak" by Barry Taylor.