Our Miniature Donkeys

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Picture by Eloise Dinges of Marietta, Georgia

Abner was our first donkey. We adopted him when he was two years old. We were told that he was born in a snowstorm in Minnesota and his ears were frostbitten. Hence his somewhat bedraggled appearance!

When it came time to get a mate for Abner, we bought a spotted jenny. Of course, her name is Daisy Mae!

We did get a little more imaginative for the names of their offspring: Tass Ack (looks just like his dad), Dover (spotted like her mother), and Hastings (mostly white with a few spots).

Hastings was about 4 months old when we decided to take some Christmas pictures. This is the best out of the dozens we took! We learned a very valuable lesson--donkeys don't like to have their ears covered by hats!

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